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The Foundation in Action

The Astellas USA Foundation provides funding for local organizations that contribute to the education and advancement of communities where Astellas has offices. From time to time, we will feature stories about the organizations we support and the communities and individuals they serve.

Saving the Planet by Saving Our Plants
In 2010, the Foundation partnered with the Chicago Botanic Garden to support the Economic Botany Laboratory in the Garden's newly created Plant Science Center.

The Plant Science Center provides laboratories and teaching facilities for more than 200 Ph.D. scientists, land managers, students, and interns whose research is critical to fulfilling the Garden's efforts to save our planet by saving our plants. The 38,000 square foot Plant Science Center also serves as home to a unique doctoral program in plant biology and conservation and as headquarters for the Garden's international efforts in plant conservation. A viewing gallery and the 16,000 square foot Green Roof Garden are open to the public, giving nearly 900,000 visitors and school children each year the opportunity to view plant science firsthand.

Each of the Garden's conservation science labs has a particular focus, but all share the common goal of saving plants through gaining and applying knowledge.

How Economic Botany Benefits You-and the World
The Foundation's gift of the Economic Botany Laboratory provides an opportunity for real benefits to emerge from assessed potential. Scientists at the Chicago Botanic Garden are studying plants for potential new benefits to mankind, exploring their cultural uses on a macro level and assessing their chemical compositions on a micro scale. The research being conducted at the Botany Laboratory helps preserve traditional knowledge and may also result in new medicines to treat disease and disease resistant food plants. As part of this effort, economic botanists at the Garden are documenting the origin of specific uses of plants to aid in plant breeding programs and to develop strategies for the sustainable use of plant resources.

The Foundation is excited to be a part of this very important global initiative taking place in our community - one that will benefit our environment and our community.


Astellas employees observe the important research taking place at the Botany Laboratory during a recent tour of the facility.

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